Lubcroy in a NE

Lubcroy in a NE
Flair K8 in its element on Lubcroy

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Magic Day: the Alpina Takes to the Skies at Long Last

Glorious easterly, fabulous sky, warm and bright, with the prospect of a pint at the end of the day. What more could anyone want? The Alpina, newly electrocuted, finally took to the skies. And took to them without the slightest need for power. She rose, she flew, she banked, she turned, she looped and landed. What a sweet flying plane. What elegance, presence, weight. Well. Not so weighty: 4.545kg, consisting of a few grams of ballast in the nose, an Xpower long shaft motor from Topmodel (highly recommended); Hyperion 4s Lipo and a Hobbywing Platinum 80A ESC. Better than 700g of lead in the nose. 

Meanwhile the Mini Vector was wrung out by the Wing Commander, after which we shook hands, smiled and headed back down to the Oykel Bridge Hotel for a bar meal and a pint. The end of a perfect day.
Copyright Asher Svidensky
 Mind you, this is what I call flying. A young Kazakh girl flying an eagle. Radio control? Pah.