Lubcroy in a NE

Lubcroy in a NE
Flair K8 in its element on Lubcroy

Monday, 10 February 2014

To Tow or Not to Tow...

As the members of the HGC get older and infirmer the time may come when hills are off limits, or afforested, so the decision was taken at the last DGM committee meeting (Daily General Meeting) to purchase a club tow plane, and the choice came down to: a Miss Morava; Bidule 55; Wot4 Xtreme and Sig Rascal.

After a lengthy chat with Mike at West Wales Models the Bidule was chosen for its build quality and the fact that it is used by the military for target towing and surveillance, with hundreds of hours flying, some at extreme altitude.

Now we'll have to master the art of the aerotow, which some say is straightforward and others... At least we have the perfect plane for the job and with Taylor at the controls we are in safe hands (or thumbs).

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