Lubcroy in a NE

Lubcroy in a NE
Flair K8 in its element on Lubcroy

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Weasel Evo (RIP)

Somewhere on the back side of the Cat's Back a Weasel is drawing its last breath, or rather twitching out the last dregs of its 4.8mA NiMh flight battery. I don't think it wanted to be found. Despite exhaustive searches on the treacherous slopes of this amazing hump back, the Weasel evaded discovery, and the search was reluctantly abandoned.

And the lesson? When another member, well the only other member of the HSRCGC, maidens his Mini Vector, and comes close to piling into the hillside, keep your eyes on your Weasel...

RIP, we had many, many flights together. But I am not sad. Weasels are all very well, but no substitute for something with wings, tail, at least four servos, a wing span of 3m or more and preferably made in Germany.

It's just the thought of the little Weasel, up there in the cold, lost, abandoned and it was all my fault. Forgive me Wee Weasel...


  1. Bad luck.

    I'm sure if someone finds it they will give you a ring!
    You can have mine if you want!

    1. No thanks.It just means we are forced to fly better planes.

      Take a look at the latest post and weep... When it's good up here it is very good.